Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer holidays week 1


We are trying to fill the holidays once again with free or cheap fun, plus we have to catch up with appointments we have.

Yesterday we had the dentist, now I no longer have my pass it cost me £11.60 to get myself and 3 kids to the dentist talk about expensive with prices like that we won't be adventuring far at all.  This year we have new children moved in at the back of us and we all share the backs, the kids are all playing out together daily whilst the sun shines.  The backs has big security gates either end so the kids can play safely and happily, well until bedtimes when nobody wants to come in haha.

We have an optometrist appointment for Peaches on Thursday which luckily is not too far away and I'm currently looking for things we can do within walking distance that doesn't cost the earth.  The older girls have signed up to mystical maze a reading scheme with prizes for each book read and we went to town to collect all their books on Friday (when travel was free).

Today the kids are doing some craft and probably playing out with their outside toys later.  Me I'm fighting the washing pile (one bed left to do) and then the massive ironing pile eeeeek.

I've washed all saveable school uniforms and p.e kits and pogged the old t shirts for buttons and cut them up into dusters, currently going through the wardrobes and sorting out what's been out grown.

The pics:

1) the kids doing hamma beads

2) my new dusters

Have fun

Dawn x