Saturday, 19 July 2014

What have we been up too


Last week has seen a small girl fracture her metatarsal falling backwards off a plastic kiddie chair banging it on arm rest on the way down with no shoe on.  She is in plaster for the next two weeks.  It isn't holding her back at all, she's still attended 2 parties, been to nursery and played with her friends.  She is most looking forward to being able to play on her scooter, bike and space hopper again when the cast is removed.

J has left his job as bus driver (no more free travel for us) he starts a new job on Monday and he seems really happy.  The shifts should hopefully  be more family friendly and he will get to see the kids more.

The kids finished school yesterday for 6 weeks summer holiday,  I'm being organised and have already bought all the new uniform for all kids ready for next year.

I have lots to do this summer holidays lots of sorting out to do and a house to once again cull of junk.

What's your summer holiday plans?

Have fun
Dawn x