Saturday, 23 August 2014

Our new family member.... Say hello to Maisie

Hello everyone,

Today has been most eventful it started in Aldi doing the normal weekly big shop and followed with a conversation between Jon and I about taking a trip to Leigh cats and dogs home to have a look for a second cat.  We already have a cat called Gomez whom you've all seen in my blog before, I got him 10 years ago a little feral black cat with the sharpest teeth and claws and a temperament to match.  Luckily now Gomez is no longer vicious he's a calm, sedate, relaxed cat these days who spends most of his life on the sofa chilling out.

He's beginning to feel his age these days you can see it in his face when jumps down off the wall bless him.  So we've got him a companion.  Meet Maisie we found her in the cat home and fell in love with her.  She's got a beautiful temperament and seems happy to be with us.  She is 16 weeks old and had been abandoned.  Gomez is largely ignoring her at the moment but we're hoping they become friends.

In 2 weeks Maisie will need her next lot of inoculations and I can then get her booked in to be spayed. 

Have fun