Sunday, 16 November 2014

A catch up....

Hiya everyone,

I thought I may do a quick blog post to get you up to speed with where all up too here.

Pixie my youngest has now joined her big sisters in school and has settled in really well, she seems to love school and is a happy little person.

All three girls are on school dinners now as Pixie gets hers paid for by the government so I only have two to buy dinners for.  This works out the same price as packed lunches as my kids can eat and then some!  It is also less stressful in the mornings.

I'm now helping out in school 2 Days a week and hope to start my teaching assistant course in February 2015.  I'm loving working in school it's great to see the children progressing.

Not much else to say really, we've all taken it in turn to fight the back to school bugs.  Its Sunday so a nice corn beef hash in the oven for tea and kids are all showered ready for tomorrow.

See you later

Dawn x