Thursday, 26 March 2015

This week so far....


How are you?  We've had two cases of the norovirus tummy bug in this house this week.  The house smells of disinfectant which is much preferable to puke any day.  Both J and Pixie are now better and Pixie will be back at school tomorrow.  Unfortunately half the school seems to be down with it.  I attended parents evening last night and the place did not smell too pleasant.  The girls however have all excelled themselves and both me and J are extremely proud of what they have achieved.

Today I have purchased a new vacuum cleaner, my poor mini sized genie hoover just can't keep up with the demands of this house so she will be cleaned up and passed on.  I have bought a Dyson Animal and I have to say it is fantastic.  I have slotted it all together and done every inch of the house with it.  The air even seems clearer now.

Today is really windy so I'm currently watching the washing on the line (who needs t.v. with excitement like this) to make sure we don't end up loosing it up the back entry.

In between looking after ill people, massive amounts of cleaning and tackling the never ending washing pile I've started to knit a jumper for myself out of mohair which will be lovely and light for the spring/summer.

What you all up too?

Love Dawn x