Monday, 27 April 2015

I have news.....

Hiya folks,
As my title states I have news, the college course that I have been chasing since September has finally come to fruition. I am now studying to become a teaching assistant. It's a condensed course so were doing double the work each week. I started it last week and it was all a bit whirlwind, but I don't care I have got it all organised now and I will make it work out.
I have realised the only way I can be a part time student, who is on placement two days week and having three small children now aged 9,7 and 4 is to be as organised as possible so I shall hopefully now be blogging on my progress. Eeeeeek exciting.
Have Fun
Dawn x

Friday, 17 April 2015

This week......

Well hello

We have had a busy week, J starts a new job next week so he has been working his notice all sorts of shifts so it's just been me and the girls this half term.  Yesterday we went to Liverpool on the train to meet up with my friend we had a fabulous time.  Below are a few pics of our journey on the train, Liverpool skyline, the kids having fun at one of the museums.

We visited Liverpool world museum and I would love to return again there is so much to see.  We also went to the Liverpool museum and the pier masters cottage on Liverpool dock, all well worth the visit.

I have also sanded down my much in need kitchen table and gave it three coats of wax, it looks happier now lol.

I've made jewellery for my shop and I've knitted dish clothes.  The dish clothes last forever and never seem to wear out no matter how much I wash them.

So folks what have you been up too?

Love Dawn x

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A day at home

Well hello,

Today has been beautiful, me and the girls have had a peaceful day at home.  The kids have played out with friends on their bikes getting a good ole dose of vitamin D and I've enjoyed a brew or two a read of a magazine (decoration inspiration) and carried on with some knitting.  Other than the obligatory cooking of meals and clearing up afterwards not much else has gone on here today.

After the last few fun filled days I think it's what we have all needed.

What delights did Tuesday hold for you?

Have fun!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sunny Saturday

Well hello.

It doesn't feel like a Saturday today, as always with school holidays our usual routine changes and becomes more relaxed.  We don't have to be ready to look leave the house at 8.10, the cat likes to escape every morning at 8 am every morning so it's a mad last ten minutes I can tell you.

Today the sun is out it smells alot like spring out there.  Too nice a day to be stuck inside.  So off me and my girls trundled to the retail park I had a voucher for £10 off spend at Argos and Pixie needed a second duvet set after the other was stained beyond cleaning (thank you norovirus).

My eldest daughter also wanted a doll and doll clothes (her first spend from her birthday money from December).

The girls are all now playing nicely together (give that ten minutes) as for me I have cornflake nests to make as and a jumper to continue with.

It's corn beef hash for tea!

Below I have added another picture of yesturdays chocolates and pictures from our trip to the park today.

Have fun
Dawn x

Friday, 3 April 2015

Good friday


The first day of the Easter holidays starts for us today.  This week has seen more illness at the beginning of the week, however towards the end of the week I have been able to return to school to make 29 cornflake cake nests with 29 children and see a fabulous performance in church by year 3 who did the Easter Service.  My Peaches is in year 3 and was right at the front so I had a fantastic view.

Today I have made chocolates as pictured above (sorry for poor picture quality taken on my tablet).  I'll try to get a better picture of them later when they have set.

Other Easter plans for use include eating hot cross buns (that was breakfast) making cornflake nests to take up to my mums on Sunday (where all going to celebrate Easter together) and we have an Easter piñata to take with us for the entertainment, this will be full of all sorts of yummies.

We are hoping for the Easter Bunny to visit too.

What are your plans for Easter?

Have fun

Dawn x