Friday, 3 April 2015

Good friday


The first day of the Easter holidays starts for us today.  This week has seen more illness at the beginning of the week, however towards the end of the week I have been able to return to school to make 29 cornflake cake nests with 29 children and see a fabulous performance in church by year 3 who did the Easter Service.  My Peaches is in year 3 and was right at the front so I had a fantastic view.

Today I have made chocolates as pictured above (sorry for poor picture quality taken on my tablet).  I'll try to get a better picture of them later when they have set.

Other Easter plans for use include eating hot cross buns (that was breakfast) making cornflake nests to take up to my mums on Sunday (where all going to celebrate Easter together) and we have an Easter piñata to take with us for the entertainment, this will be full of all sorts of yummies.

We are hoping for the Easter Bunny to visit too.

What are your plans for Easter?

Have fun

Dawn x