Saturday, 2 May 2015

Friday nights post

Hiya folks,

This is last nights post I ran out of energy.....

This week has been manic to say the least.  I am currently doing two days a week on placement one full day a week at college.  I have my homework, my kids homework and all the washing/ironing/cooking/cleaning to do plus the big shop to do.  I got to Aldi on Thursday night after dropping Princess and Peaches off at Brownies and by the time I got to the checkout I felt like tucking up on the toilet rolls and going to sleep.

But today is Friday (Bank holiday weekend) so 3 days off, no college this week.  I'm up to date on my homework and housework and washing pile, we're having MacDonald's for tea outrageous I know haha.

Have a good weekend

Dawn x