Sunday, 21 June 2015

All kinds of hectic

Well hello,

I have been quite busy of late firstly we have had a birthday my beautiful Pixie has turned 5 and is growing up into a fabulous little girl.  She had day at Southport for her birthday, unfortunately we didn't make it onto the beach to build sandcastles due to the 50mph winds we were having.  She got a tablet and case for her birthday and a singing Elsa doll which she has driven us all mad with lol, I find myself bursting out with 'let it go' when I'm washing up.

I started my teaching assistant course (intense version) back at Easter, I had my first observation the other week which was a bit eeeeek, but it went really well.  I have another one coming soon.  Only 4 weeks left until I finish my course and everything being well I will be qualified.  I've loved working with the children at school for the past 2 years I've been volunteering there.

I have felt so so tired doing the course, placement and the majorities of the bulk at home along with having my bathroom decorated.  Trying to be organised whilst living in kaos at times whilst having the bathroom done.

The majority of the bathroom is now complete however there are some finishing touches still needed to be finished off.  I have taken photos throughout the renovation which I shall blog in its own post when I've fully finished it.

Next Sunday I have 30 people coming round for a BBQ to celebrate Peaches 8th birthday, I am now praying for sun lol.  I don't do things by halves do I?

How do you organise your time to ensure all the jobs get done whilst your working?

Dawn x