Thursday, 30 July 2015

A cheap day out yesturday


Sorry I didn't get post this blog post yesturday my internet was having none of it.
Yesturday I took the girls to pebble painting at the library they also got new library books the price £3.00
We went via the bakery for sausage rolls and donuts £3.00
Bus there and back £0.00

Total spend £6.00

We enjoyed listening to the street entertainment in town, Peaches especially loved listening to the Native American man playing the pan pipes.  The bit I am enjoying most about the summer holidays is the lie ins I've been able to have, not having to get up at 6am is bliss.  I could get use to this 8.30 wake ups lol, spoken by a lady who it has taken 8 years in order to get a full nights sleep.

Hope it's warm were you are it's freezing here and very well windy at present almost like autumn has rocked up all ready.
Have fun


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Organising how do you do yours?

Well hello,

Today I have been writing more lists of things I need to accomplish and keeping track of what I need to remember.  My life and mind is that full of stuff that if I do not write it down I forget it.

I write lists on a memo block then I schedule the jobs in my diary (pictured) this diary has all my appointments in plus anything I need to do for my online shop or at home.  If I miss place my diary I am at a complete loss and not a happy bunny.

The thoughts/jobs go on a list and then they are set a date for completion simples!

This helps me to get my life in order and not to forget really important things.

How do you organise yourself?

Dawn x

Sunday, 26 July 2015

A change of plan


Today we were suppose to be going to a local free festival however the rain has been torrential and non stop so we've just had a quiet day at home.  More sorting and organised followed by cups of tea and crocheting.  Sometimes a chill out day pottering about at home is needed in order to charge the batteries.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Normality resumes and more decluttering

Well hello,

Today I have a new plumbed in washing machine that has not been off since 7am I'm doing back to back loads to get through the backlog.  Half of the stuff I need is in that washing pile.  Whilst doing the washing loads I've also continued with my decluttering.  I've managed to clear another 42 items plus 2 bags of odd or out grown socks.  My goodness we own some junk in this house.  Crickey where do all these socks come from and where are the other odd ones that make a pair along with all this I'm keeping on Maisie (cat) who has a dicky tummy at the moment.

This afternoons plans involve feet up with a cup of tea reading my library books.

Have fun

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A trip to town


Today we took a trip to town firstly we went to the library to get Pixie's reading books signed off for her reading challenge and to get her new books.  At the library we saw a flyer for an Egyptian exhibit so we visited the exhibit at the local museum.  It was free to get in and interesting to look at.  (Photos below)

Then we went to the beach, the kids had fun.  It is a brought in beach as our nearest one is 25+ miles away from here. (Photos below).

Right I'm off to cook tea and decide what area to declutter tomorrow.

Dawn x

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Rainy days


Today is a rainy wishy washy day so  we are entertaining ourselves in doors.

The kids have been reading their library books for the library reading challenge and have just settled down to start fairy and flower painting.  I on the other hand get to tackle the ironing pile.  The washing pile continues to mount, roll on the new washers arrival.


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The to do list....


Here are my ongoing projects or projects for the future;

To finish off the bathroom painting
To buy and hang a new bathroom cabinet and loo roll holder and blind

I've currently have enough money saved to finish the bathroom.

I'm saving up for my next projects;

Decorating the living room and carpet cleaning
Decorating the kitchen and new lino

I also am working on crocheting a huge blanket for my bed (pictured below)

Additional decluttered items today 4.

I'm getting there slowly one day we'll look like minimalist chic in this house lol, well I can dream anyway!

Dawn x

The death of the washing machine


Here's me thinking today would be a pottering and uneventful day, just as usual never a dull moment here the washing machine starts to plume out massive amounts of steam turning my kitchen into a sauna.  It's unfixable as it's been on its way out for the last year so I have been searching for an online deal all morning.  My new one arrives on Thursday, this coupled with the fact we are unsure if the cooker is leaking gas or not life is beginning to get expensive.

Items decluttered today 1 so far. Back to the list of jobs I go?


Monday, 20 July 2015

Decluttering and organising


Today I have been starting to find my home again and to continue the decluttering I started before my course began, I've got to the point of stuff mounting again and cupboards full of junk.  I had a look online for some tips they recommend the one in and one out method.

I used this method today as I received my delivery of all the kids new school clothes ready for September.  The old uniform has now either been binned or if in good condition put in the charity bag.  I've labeled it all (most hated task) and washed it, just needs to dry be ironed and put away ready.

Another tip was to get rid of stuff that annoys you or is broken.  Today all in all I have binned or charity bagged 30  items that clutter up my home have done for ages and are useless.  This will be an ongoing thing over the next few months, one day my house will be junk free.

Any declutterers here?


Sunday, 19 July 2015

School holiday on a budget survival guide


As we all break up for the six weeks Sumner holidays from school here in England we all know how hard entertaining the children can be after the 2nd week when we get chorus's of I'm bored.  What do we do? We visit places and throw money at it. 

These are a few top tips on how to survive the summer holidays without hearing the words I'm bored ringing in your ears and keeping the budget low.

. Wherever you go take a bottle each filled with water/juice and refill at home.  Reusing the same bottle for each outing saves you money as spending money on drinks gets costly.

. Similarly with snacks take some with you from home when you buy a drink the snacks look tempting by taking your own you stay away from the shops and the money stays in your purse

. Find local fun for free or low cost.  e.g. our local library are doing craft sessions for kids for £1 each and running a reading challenge where kids read books review them and gain prizes for doing so this is free

. Some towns have a visiting beach over summer again free to go to

. Have a picnic in the park

.Teach them a skill at home e.g. crochet

. Bake fairy cakes, biscuits

. Recycle your old cardboard, make junk models, cover with papier mache and get the poster paint out

. Batch baking keeps hungry children fed and you can freeze and defrost as required.  Fill the oven means you cook less so reduce your gas a electric usage

. Batch cooking again reduces fuel usage I batch cook curries, chilli's, soups, stews and bolognaise into reusable containers.  I label the containers with masking tape it is easy peel and cheaper than labels.

Hope these ideas are helpful if anybody would like to share any more that'd be great.


And so it continues


Last night I had a fab night out with friends just to the pubs in the local town.  We spent ages queuing for a taxi home its times like this you wish the night bus was still running?  It ceased a while back due to not making enough money.  Such a shame getting the night bus is an education in its self lol full of all sorts of people mostly pissed but there's usually a good vibe about it all.

Today the suns cracking flags so I've managed to get three loads of washing done, J has cleaned the inside of the car (breaking the hoover in the process) I fixed it by clearing the pipe with a bamboo cane I found in the yard haha, ever resourceful.

All old school t-shirts have been pogged for buttons and cut up for cleaning cloths/painting rags.

J spent a good few hours in a and e with Princess (pictured) who hasn't half cracked her foot/little toe on the door frame.  They don't think it's broken just needs painkillers and rest bless her she wasn't half upset.  We never do anything by halves in this house and we never have the time to get bored.

Were currently back on money saving measures by eating down the cupboards and I've meal planned accordingly.  This week I have plans to batch cook and bake the batch cooking is to fill the freezer and batch baking to feed my hungry hoards whilst on school holidays.

Have fun

Dawn x

Friday, 17 July 2015


Well hello there,
After a full nights sleep the first in ages and now I feel refreshed and ready to start my new list of things to tackle.

Today is the kids last day at school, I've been glued to the internet today melting down the plastic buying all the uniform, new summer clothes as nothing fits and trying to get a decent deal on breakdown cove for over the summer when the car may actually leave the town.
I'm now currently forming my to do list which I shall share later.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Breathe a sigh of relief.

Hiya everyone
Well today I've gone and done it , I've handed in my  course file and now officially finished my course I am a student no longer.  I have loads of emotions at the moment I'm happy I've completed it it was interrupting my sleep.  I'm sad because I'll miss my Monday college days and the ladies I've got to know.  I have no plans for September as of yet so I feel a bit lost.

Having a great breather now.  Pixie had a great sports day today which I got too watch.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

It's the final countdown

Well hello,

Monday saw me at my last taught lesson, I've been writing up like a mad woman ever since.  I need to drop my file off tomorrow for final checking and handing in.

Yesturday I did last day in my school placement, today I am suppose to be on a school trip with Pixie and her class unfortunately Pixie has a virus and isn't well enough to attend, we are both gutted as we were looking forward to seeing the lions at the Safari park.

Tomorrow I have to hand in my file, which I will be glad to do as it's interrupting my dreams at the moment.  Sports day is tomorrow afternoon weather and health of child pending.

Friday is last day of school for my kids they've made cards and I'll get pressies to go with them.

I've also had a good amount of orders from my shop to fulfill for teacher gifts.  I've been making and selling special teacher bookmarks like the one pictured made in all colours.

Now I'm on to the next chapter of time in this case school holidays......

Have fun


Sunday, 12 July 2015

It's oh so quiet....


Yes I know there's a song in there somewhere.  Sunday morning first thing it's just me, Maisie one of our cats and the sound of the washing machine.  J takes the girls to the local pool with his mum, Princess and Peaches can now swim unaided.  I'm usually manically trying to get everything ready for the week by Sunday as it's full on with College, school, school stuff, Brownies etc.  This week is our last week and in way feels more relaxed.  I'm nearly finished with College, just got my final write ups to do and need to get them signed off Tuesday, Wednesday is my last day in school and the last week we're off timetable.

Pixie has a school trip Wednesday to the Safari park (I have a packed lunch to make).  Brownies finished last week so no mid week dash for us.  My plan is to do my big shops online now as it is easier than taking everyone to Supermarket and it cost me less this way.

When I hand my completed file in next week, the feeling will be of massive release.

I have had three great school reports this year and I'm really proud of what my girls have achieved.

We have some plans for the summer holidays most of these plans are locost.

What you up to in the summer holidays?

Have fun

Monday, 6 July 2015

College day today


Today has been a college day for me, I've been good and sat tonight and done 4 pieces of homework.  I've not long to go now.  Tomorrow it is sports day at school whether or not it goes ahead is another thing.  It's been raining most of the day and still raining tonight.  We shall see!

Have fun
Dawn x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

It's summer....

Hiya everyone

Cracking the flags here today with sunshine, we've been shopping in town today which was packed as you can imagine on a lovely sunny Saturday.  We went for a few bits and pieces ready for our holiday.  I always buy new socks and undies for each child for when we go away it's easier to pack that way I find rather than the washing and getting everything together for 5 people.  Kids go up a size each year so they get their new stuff in summer.  I have also been buying new summer clothes over the last few weeks for the children.  I save up throughout the year so these big expenses don't seem so big as the money is already there.

I also save up for school uniforms on the same way, I need to order the school uniforms for next year soon too.  The school cardigans usually last 2 years as there good sizes however Pixie has chewed hers and it looks a wreck so she needs new ones.  I order these from the outfitters and have them delivered to school (saves me a bus ride out of town).  Peaches and Princesses are fine so will last a bit longer.  I will also order t-shirts usually from Tesco for all 3 children I get 6 each so they have one a day, 2 pinafores each, 5 pairs of tights each and a coat each.  I will take them shoe/trainers/pumps shopping mid August then we should be sorted.  Pe kits have recently been changed due to growth spurts and loosing a kit.

I get shoes from Asda as they are more robust than Clarks and cheaper.
My next big save will be over the summer for 2 residential school trips one to the lake district for Peaches and Princess is off to France.  I'll pay these off monthly so we won't feel it as much.

How do you budget for back to school, school holidays?

Dawn x