Thursday, 30 July 2015

A cheap day out yesturday


Sorry I didn't get post this blog post yesturday my internet was having none of it.
Yesturday I took the girls to pebble painting at the library they also got new library books the price £3.00
We went via the bakery for sausage rolls and donuts £3.00
Bus there and back £0.00

Total spend £6.00

We enjoyed listening to the street entertainment in town, Peaches especially loved listening to the Native American man playing the pan pipes.  The bit I am enjoying most about the summer holidays is the lie ins I've been able to have, not having to get up at 6am is bliss.  I could get use to this 8.30 wake ups lol, spoken by a lady who it has taken 8 years in order to get a full nights sleep.

Hope it's warm were you are it's freezing here and very well windy at present almost like autumn has rocked up all ready.
Have fun