Sunday, 19 July 2015

And so it continues


Last night I had a fab night out with friends just to the pubs in the local town.  We spent ages queuing for a taxi home its times like this you wish the night bus was still running?  It ceased a while back due to not making enough money.  Such a shame getting the night bus is an education in its self lol full of all sorts of people mostly pissed but there's usually a good vibe about it all.

Today the suns cracking flags so I've managed to get three loads of washing done, J has cleaned the inside of the car (breaking the hoover in the process) I fixed it by clearing the pipe with a bamboo cane I found in the yard haha, ever resourceful.

All old school t-shirts have been pogged for buttons and cut up for cleaning cloths/painting rags.

J spent a good few hours in a and e with Princess (pictured) who hasn't half cracked her foot/little toe on the door frame.  They don't think it's broken just needs painkillers and rest bless her she wasn't half upset.  We never do anything by halves in this house and we never have the time to get bored.

Were currently back on money saving measures by eating down the cupboards and I've meal planned accordingly.  This week I have plans to batch cook and bake the batch cooking is to fill the freezer and batch baking to feed my hungry hoards whilst on school holidays.

Have fun

Dawn x