Monday, 20 July 2015

Decluttering and organising


Today I have been starting to find my home again and to continue the decluttering I started before my course began, I've got to the point of stuff mounting again and cupboards full of junk.  I had a look online for some tips they recommend the one in and one out method.

I used this method today as I received my delivery of all the kids new school clothes ready for September.  The old uniform has now either been binned or if in good condition put in the charity bag.  I've labeled it all (most hated task) and washed it, just needs to dry be ironed and put away ready.

Another tip was to get rid of stuff that annoys you or is broken.  Today all in all I have binned or charity bagged 30  items that clutter up my home have done for ages and are useless.  This will be an ongoing thing over the next few months, one day my house will be junk free.

Any declutterers here?