Sunday, 12 July 2015

It's oh so quiet....


Yes I know there's a song in there somewhere.  Sunday morning first thing it's just me, Maisie one of our cats and the sound of the washing machine.  J takes the girls to the local pool with his mum, Princess and Peaches can now swim unaided.  I'm usually manically trying to get everything ready for the week by Sunday as it's full on with College, school, school stuff, Brownies etc.  This week is our last week and in way feels more relaxed.  I'm nearly finished with College, just got my final write ups to do and need to get them signed off Tuesday, Wednesday is my last day in school and the last week we're off timetable.

Pixie has a school trip Wednesday to the Safari park (I have a packed lunch to make).  Brownies finished last week so no mid week dash for us.  My plan is to do my big shops online now as it is easier than taking everyone to Supermarket and it cost me less this way.

When I hand my completed file in next week, the feeling will be of massive release.

I have had three great school reports this year and I'm really proud of what my girls have achieved.

We have some plans for the summer holidays most of these plans are locost.

What you up to in the summer holidays?

Have fun