Saturday, 4 July 2015

It's summer....

Hiya everyone

Cracking the flags here today with sunshine, we've been shopping in town today which was packed as you can imagine on a lovely sunny Saturday.  We went for a few bits and pieces ready for our holiday.  I always buy new socks and undies for each child for when we go away it's easier to pack that way I find rather than the washing and getting everything together for 5 people.  Kids go up a size each year so they get their new stuff in summer.  I have also been buying new summer clothes over the last few weeks for the children.  I save up throughout the year so these big expenses don't seem so big as the money is already there.

I also save up for school uniforms on the same way, I need to order the school uniforms for next year soon too.  The school cardigans usually last 2 years as there good sizes however Pixie has chewed hers and it looks a wreck so she needs new ones.  I order these from the outfitters and have them delivered to school (saves me a bus ride out of town).  Peaches and Princesses are fine so will last a bit longer.  I will also order t-shirts usually from Tesco for all 3 children I get 6 each so they have one a day, 2 pinafores each, 5 pairs of tights each and a coat each.  I will take them shoe/trainers/pumps shopping mid August then we should be sorted.  Pe kits have recently been changed due to growth spurts and loosing a kit.

I get shoes from Asda as they are more robust than Clarks and cheaper.
My next big save will be over the summer for 2 residential school trips one to the lake district for Peaches and Princess is off to France.  I'll pay these off monthly so we won't feel it as much.

How do you budget for back to school, school holidays?

Dawn x