Sunday, 19 July 2015

School holiday on a budget survival guide


As we all break up for the six weeks Sumner holidays from school here in England we all know how hard entertaining the children can be after the 2nd week when we get chorus's of I'm bored.  What do we do? We visit places and throw money at it. 

These are a few top tips on how to survive the summer holidays without hearing the words I'm bored ringing in your ears and keeping the budget low.

. Wherever you go take a bottle each filled with water/juice and refill at home.  Reusing the same bottle for each outing saves you money as spending money on drinks gets costly.

. Similarly with snacks take some with you from home when you buy a drink the snacks look tempting by taking your own you stay away from the shops and the money stays in your purse

. Find local fun for free or low cost.  e.g. our local library are doing craft sessions for kids for £1 each and running a reading challenge where kids read books review them and gain prizes for doing so this is free

. Some towns have a visiting beach over summer again free to go to

. Have a picnic in the park

.Teach them a skill at home e.g. crochet

. Bake fairy cakes, biscuits

. Recycle your old cardboard, make junk models, cover with papier mache and get the poster paint out

. Batch baking keeps hungry children fed and you can freeze and defrost as required.  Fill the oven means you cook less so reduce your gas a electric usage

. Batch cooking again reduces fuel usage I batch cook curries, chilli's, soups, stews and bolognaise into reusable containers.  I label the containers with masking tape it is easy peel and cheaper than labels.

Hope these ideas are helpful if anybody would like to share any more that'd be great.