Sunday, 30 August 2015

Simple Sunday

Today's plans include; church this morning, relaxing this afternoon maybe a bit of crochet and a roast dinner at 5pm.  J is working today so it's just me and the kids till about 7 ish tonight.  I'm hoping the weather holds up so I can get the washing out and also because the kids want to play out with their friends.

Hopefully today will be a relaxed affair after the stresses of yesturday.

Have a fabulous Sunday

Dawn x

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Autumn/Winter preparations


The last few days I have been continuing with colder weather preparations whilst I have time on my hands.  So I'm in need of a few more hot water bottles after my cat Maisie stuck her claw through my last one, so I need another 3 all in all so we have one each as it can get pretty chilly during the winter months.  We joke we could hang meat in those bedrooms in winter they are that cold.  I have managed to located one new hot water bottle so far 2 left to buy.  I found some beautiful soft rainbow wool and couldn't resist a purchase I have since made 2 hot water bottle covers out of my beautiful rainbow wool.

I am also still working on my ongoing crochet project my massive crochet blanket which will go over the top of my bed in a bedspread fashion to keep me and J cosy during the winter months.

I've just finished baking 24 fairy cakes for the freezer, these are to go in school packed lunches.  My girls were on school dinners last year however the poor choice, small portions, sweet corn with everything and the fact they run out of food by the time they have fed half the pupils requiring school dinners left me with chorus of mum can we go back on packed lunches.  I prefer to make packed lunches and know that my kids are by being fed properly.

Rightho I'm off for a cuppa whilst my cakes cool and then I'll be cracking on with my crochet blanket again.


 Here's the hot water bottle cover I made.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Decluttering continues....

Well hello there,

Today I'm doing a big clean through as you do and go into the kids rooms to clean it only to find I cannot find the floor for crap and toys and barbie clothes.  The kids have now been enlisted to clear the stuff off their floor and put it away (a weeks accumulation of stuff) then were then told they need to find some space in their boxes under their beds ready for when there doing their Father Christmas lists as their new items will require homes.  This has been the starter for ten, in September when they return to school I shall be attacking each room in turn with black bin bags.

J's chest of drawers had a collapsed sock drawer so he was persuaded by me (saying I was no longer going to risk loosing my hand in the drawer putting his stuff away) that he may like to go through decluttered anything that doesn't fit (a binbag full) and recant the remainder into the empty chest that's in the wardrobe.  I eventually plan to decant the whole contents of that room into a skip and start again but as with everything else in life its on the list of things to be saved up for.

So another bag of stuff in the bin
A pile of junk from the kids rooms in the bin
A broken chest of drawers in the skip pile

Ahhhh and a sense of relief at more rubbish leaving my space.  Who else finds decluttering therapeutic?


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fun for free and a bit of culture thrown in

Well hello,

Today its a lovely sunny day and in England we're not really overrun with days like these so you have to make the most of them.

This morning J took the kids swimming as he is not working today whilst I sorted out the washing and made up a packed lunch.  When they got back from swimming we gathered our buckets, spades, ball, picnic, bag with the spare clothes (a must) packed the boot of the car and off we went clutching the map to Crosby in Liverpool.

We went to see the Anthony Gormley's (a British Sculptor) Another Place which is situated on Crosby beach in Liverpool, it consists of a statues made of Gormley's body spread out across the beach all looking out towards the sea.

We had a few photos with the statues and then settled down on our picnic blanket after playing dodge the jelly fish to build sandcastles, have our picnic lunch and to people watch.  There were many people at the beach today many other families with young children like us, couples, people walking dogs, other people doing the tourist thing having photos took with the statues.

Please find attached photos from our day.

Right off for a cuppa and a knit now whilst ignoring the housework after all tomorrow is another day.


Saturday, 22 August 2015

Never a dull moment


Today we had a dash round town the kids have got their medals from the library for completing their reading challenge.  We then went into the main shopping centre and guess who was there doing a show..... Mr Bloom off cbeebies.  Pixie seemed quite shocked to see him in the middle of the shopping centre.

We then walked down the main Street to find a lifesize tyrannosaurs Rex wandering up and down, below is a photo of Peaches stroking it lol.

Not bad for a trip out to the library.  My loot for today was a new hot water bottle, some rainbow wool (to make hot water bottle covers with) a scented candle (my new must have item helps eliminate cat oaders).

Photos below from our day....

Right I'm off to continue with my knitting of hot water bottle covers (preparing for winter has commenced as off yesturday when I defrosted the freezer).

Have fun

Dawn x

Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday, Monday


Today has mainly consisted of an Aldi shop, my knee decided to have an excursion of it's own on the walk down to the shop so I cheated and got the bus back home, it takes 20 minutes the long way round but with a sore knee and three heavy bags of shopping it was a must today.  (I usually walk). How heavy is fruit and get, the spuds alone were enough to kill me off lol.  I was however glad I went early so I could get a mini trolley (I needed something to cling too damn knee, what's that all about).

Peaches and Pixie have read me some of their stories for the reading challenge at the library only 2 weeks left to go now.  I have trimmed Peaches fringe ready for her back to school, done the usual washing, cleaning, administered the medicine to the ill kitten (she seems to be getting better thankfully).

This afternoons task is to look at my electricity consumption and to see why I've had such an increase over the last year (I suspect the washer with the faulty thermostat) whilst the kids paint pictures in the yard.

Any ideas if a washer with a faulty thermostat can increase the electricity consumption?

Dawn x

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Stock up Saturday


Today after a doctor's appointment for me we have been having a stock up shop.  These are for things we needed and buy in larger quantities in some cases to get items cheaper.

Firstly I am still finishing off my bathroom and I need a few items for it so I have bought a stainless steel mini bin and look roll holder in chrome.  Yay no more soggy loo roll that has been drenched on the side of the bath for us.  I still need to do a few bits of painting, a bathroom cabinet with mirror, a blind and a towel rail then I should be finished in there.  I can then post my bathroom makeover post with my before, after and during pics, eeeeek!

I bought boring but necessary things such as loo roll, kitchen roll, cleaning stuff (multi purpose and toilet cleaner) as I'm running low on those things.  I also stocked up on cat food and cat litter.  I shopped for these things at B and M bargains and Home bargains.

I'm now saving up for my next project for next spring of having the living room decorated as it's in need of some tlc, no new projects are to be started till after Christmas as I'm still decluttering.  Today's throw out include 3 yes 3 dead tin openers that are bob useless and I've bought a replacement today.

Right I best go and drag in the 2 loads of washing off the line and get folding and putting away.

Do you bulk buy?


Friday, 14 August 2015

A new member of the family meet Marilyn


This is our new kitten she is 9 weeks old and we have named her Marilyn she has settled in well, we got her as a friend for Maisie who needed a play mate.

Unfortunately Marilyn has cat flu so we are currently nursing her through it.  J is working late tonight so lucky me gets to risk loosing a finger trying to administer cat medicine on my own.  She's back to the vets next week to see how she's recovering.

Dawn x

Last bits of our holiday photos


If this post reaches you today were doing well, having massive issues with Google and Blogger piss arsing  around today, arghhhhh.

Final pics of our hols today below we have the kids pony riding this was on the actual park, sword fighting and in the stocks at Corfe castle and visiting pretty Dorset villages.

We are now back to our normal frugal ways and saving up for our next thing on the never ending list of things to acheive/save for.

Have fun
Dawn x

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Sandbanks beach


Below you will find more holiday snaps these were taken on Sandbanks beach in Poole Dorset, Sandbanks is the 4th most expensive place to live in the world.

We had a happy few days on this beach, paddling in the sea and building sandcastles.  Across from the beach is a newsagents where I was getting my lotto scratch card (won a tenner) then was chatting to a man at the till.  When I left the shop J turns to me and says "you do realise that was Harry Redknapp you were talking too?" Me totally oblivious lol.

J is a huge football fan he knows these things.

Have fun


Monday, 10 August 2015

Dorset holiday Lulworth cove to Durdle Dor


As promised the first of my holiday low down.  In the pictures below you can see some photos I took of the very windy, very steep cliff walk from Lulworth cove to Durdle Dor.  The walk was hard work and definitely character building.  I was really impressed when my knackered asthmatic lungs finally got me there.  The views were worth it, luckily I didn't need the three ambulances that were parked near by just in case.  The kids managed it fine and not one whine was to be had.  We had our packed lunch on the cliff tops overlooking Durdle Dor.  There was a tea wagon on the cliff which I found quite amusing bet there where a few takers.  We also looked at Tyneham village a fascinating little place that was taken over by the army in the war in 1943 to be a practising firing range. The church remains untouched by the army as it was requested by the villagers that way as one day they would like to return.  I don't have any photos of the village unfortunately.

Have fun

Saturday, 8 August 2015

The wanderer returns


I haven't forgotten to post recently I've been away on my holidays.  We've just got back from a week in sunny Dorset and we're all really tired after the long drive home back to the lovely sunny north.  I'm currently uploading pics to share with you and will share after a good nights sleep and fill you in on all my news.

Have fun

Dawn x