Thursday, 27 August 2015

Autumn/Winter preparations


The last few days I have been continuing with colder weather preparations whilst I have time on my hands.  So I'm in need of a few more hot water bottles after my cat Maisie stuck her claw through my last one, so I need another 3 all in all so we have one each as it can get pretty chilly during the winter months.  We joke we could hang meat in those bedrooms in winter they are that cold.  I have managed to located one new hot water bottle so far 2 left to buy.  I found some beautiful soft rainbow wool and couldn't resist a purchase I have since made 2 hot water bottle covers out of my beautiful rainbow wool.

I am also still working on my ongoing crochet project my massive crochet blanket which will go over the top of my bed in a bedspread fashion to keep me and J cosy during the winter months.

I've just finished baking 24 fairy cakes for the freezer, these are to go in school packed lunches.  My girls were on school dinners last year however the poor choice, small portions, sweet corn with everything and the fact they run out of food by the time they have fed half the pupils requiring school dinners left me with chorus of mum can we go back on packed lunches.  I prefer to make packed lunches and know that my kids are by being fed properly.

Rightho I'm off for a cuppa whilst my cakes cool and then I'll be cracking on with my crochet blanket again.


 Here's the hot water bottle cover I made.