Monday, 24 August 2015

Decluttering continues....

Well hello there,

Today I'm doing a big clean through as you do and go into the kids rooms to clean it only to find I cannot find the floor for crap and toys and barbie clothes.  The kids have now been enlisted to clear the stuff off their floor and put it away (a weeks accumulation of stuff) then were then told they need to find some space in their boxes under their beds ready for when there doing their Father Christmas lists as their new items will require homes.  This has been the starter for ten, in September when they return to school I shall be attacking each room in turn with black bin bags.

J's chest of drawers had a collapsed sock drawer so he was persuaded by me (saying I was no longer going to risk loosing my hand in the drawer putting his stuff away) that he may like to go through decluttered anything that doesn't fit (a binbag full) and recant the remainder into the empty chest that's in the wardrobe.  I eventually plan to decant the whole contents of that room into a skip and start again but as with everything else in life its on the list of things to be saved up for.

So another bag of stuff in the bin
A pile of junk from the kids rooms in the bin
A broken chest of drawers in the skip pile

Ahhhh and a sense of relief at more rubbish leaving my space.  Who else finds decluttering therapeutic?