Monday, 10 August 2015

Dorset holiday Lulworth cove to Durdle Dor


As promised the first of my holiday low down.  In the pictures below you can see some photos I took of the very windy, very steep cliff walk from Lulworth cove to Durdle Dor.  The walk was hard work and definitely character building.  I was really impressed when my knackered asthmatic lungs finally got me there.  The views were worth it, luckily I didn't need the three ambulances that were parked near by just in case.  The kids managed it fine and not one whine was to be had.  We had our packed lunch on the cliff tops overlooking Durdle Dor.  There was a tea wagon on the cliff which I found quite amusing bet there where a few takers.  We also looked at Tyneham village a fascinating little place that was taken over by the army in the war in 1943 to be a practising firing range. The church remains untouched by the army as it was requested by the villagers that way as one day they would like to return.  I don't have any photos of the village unfortunately.

Have fun