Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday, Monday


Today has mainly consisted of an Aldi shop, my knee decided to have an excursion of it's own on the walk down to the shop so I cheated and got the bus back home, it takes 20 minutes the long way round but with a sore knee and three heavy bags of shopping it was a must today.  (I usually walk). How heavy is fruit and get, the spuds alone were enough to kill me off lol.  I was however glad I went early so I could get a mini trolley (I needed something to cling too damn knee, what's that all about).

Peaches and Pixie have read me some of their stories for the reading challenge at the library only 2 weeks left to go now.  I have trimmed Peaches fringe ready for her back to school, done the usual washing, cleaning, administered the medicine to the ill kitten (she seems to be getting better thankfully).

This afternoons task is to look at my electricity consumption and to see why I've had such an increase over the last year (I suspect the washer with the faulty thermostat) whilst the kids paint pictures in the yard.

Any ideas if a washer with a faulty thermostat can increase the electricity consumption?

Dawn x