Saturday, 22 August 2015

Never a dull moment


Today we had a dash round town the kids have got their medals from the library for completing their reading challenge.  We then went into the main shopping centre and guess who was there doing a show..... Mr Bloom off cbeebies.  Pixie seemed quite shocked to see him in the middle of the shopping centre.

We then walked down the main Street to find a lifesize tyrannosaurs Rex wandering up and down, below is a photo of Peaches stroking it lol.

Not bad for a trip out to the library.  My loot for today was a new hot water bottle, some rainbow wool (to make hot water bottle covers with) a scented candle (my new must have item helps eliminate cat oaders).

Photos below from our day....

Right I'm off to continue with my knitting of hot water bottle covers (preparing for winter has commenced as off yesturday when I defrosted the freezer).

Have fun

Dawn x