Saturday, 15 August 2015

Stock up Saturday


Today after a doctor's appointment for me we have been having a stock up shop.  These are for things we needed and buy in larger quantities in some cases to get items cheaper.

Firstly I am still finishing off my bathroom and I need a few items for it so I have bought a stainless steel mini bin and look roll holder in chrome.  Yay no more soggy loo roll that has been drenched on the side of the bath for us.  I still need to do a few bits of painting, a bathroom cabinet with mirror, a blind and a towel rail then I should be finished in there.  I can then post my bathroom makeover post with my before, after and during pics, eeeeek!

I bought boring but necessary things such as loo roll, kitchen roll, cleaning stuff (multi purpose and toilet cleaner) as I'm running low on those things.  I also stocked up on cat food and cat litter.  I shopped for these things at B and M bargains and Home bargains.

I'm now saving up for my next project for next spring of having the living room decorated as it's in need of some tlc, no new projects are to be started till after Christmas as I'm still decluttering.  Today's throw out include 3 yes 3 dead tin openers that are bob useless and I've bought a replacement today.

Right I best go and drag in the 2 loads of washing off the line and get folding and putting away.

Do you bulk buy?