Monday, 14 September 2015

A great night out, utter madness

Hiya folks,

On Saturday night a few of us went out to town for a night out we started out in a pub then we went off to a new real ale place we have never tried before.  The last place we ended up had bands on.  Below you will find pictures of the bizzare band.  It was a rock place we went too and as the diggers festival by had been on during the day so the place was packed with rockers and punks of all ages.  This band was manic, but very funny they involve the audience when they want to be involved or not lol, a bit like Butlins on mind altering substances.

One bloke decided to crowd surf, the crowds parted and he bust his ankle on the floor.  He was given an ice pack from behind the bar (ice cubes in a bin bag) the main singer of the band threw a dog mask at the injured crowd surfer who donned it and joined the band on stage uninvited.  It was all a bit mad really but really funny.  Me and J both woke up the following morning thinking it had just been a dream, however the photos prove otherwise lol.

It was a great night and yesturday was spent recovering as late nights kill us off these days, it takes till Wednesday to recover from the tiredness.

Have fun