Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Dashing about like a blue arsed fly

Well hello,

Today is definitely a day of dashing about,  we are back on the rollercoaster of school, after school activities, appointments and a thousand invites (it feels like it) to birthday parties, we've had three and they've only been back in school a week.

I was up at 6 oclock, filled the washer, made breakfast, got the kids ready, made packed lunches, washed up and got ready myself.  Then we left the house to get the bus to school, another bus ride for me home to collect the cat and take her for her jabs at the vet ( another all clear on the cat flu front thank goodness) I walked to the vet and got the bus back.  Then I dropped the cat home, fed them all and got another bus to town to buy presents and cards (for the parties), bus home, cleaned up the kitchen (cats are messy buggers) pegged out washing, lunchtime, ten minutes sit down then I'll shortly be back on the bus up to school to collect kids and my final bus of the day will be back home. 

I'd like to say my day of things to do ends there hahaha if only, no then it all starts again.

I'll hopefully sleep tonight!