Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Day trips

Well hello,

Today J is off work so we've been shopping in the next town, what once was a larger bustling was a massive disappointment.  I haven't been to this town for many a year although once it was my second home ( I attended university here),  I never thought I'd say my home town is better for shops but it was. 

I did enjoy a trip to Waterstones (bookshop) much larger than ours and we went to the house of raja where we purchased spices in large packs for lower prices than you get in the Supermarket.  My home town does not have a bustling Asian population so we do not have shops like the house of raja.  After finding the shops disappointing I consoled myself in Waterstones lol, see one of the books I purchased below.  I love the smell of new books, I don't often buy new books I tend to use the library or if they do not have the book in stock I buy it second hand off the internet.

I am a self confessed bookworm and I always have a book on the go, oh yes I am the mum reading at the school gate waiting for the kids to be let out, or in the numerous waiting rooms I visit.

Off to make a brew, whilst putting off the washing up till my tea goes down, wraps for tea tonight with all the yummiest fillings.

Who else loves books?

Dawn x