Friday, 11 September 2015


Hello folks,

Yesturday we had some great news Peaches has the opportunity to learn an instrument at school, she desperately wanted to learn the clarinet (she wants to duet with me) and yesturday she found out she has got clarinet.  I now have an ecstatic Peaches, my eldest daughter Princess took guitar lessons last year and because she did so well she gets a music scholarship for a year at school as she's on the gifted and talented scheme.  She has her lesson today (I looked like a pack horse this morning, 3 school bags, 2 lunch bags, 1 guitar and my handbag  trekking up to school) haha.

I'm really happy that all my girls have bobbed back into school life quite happily, Pixie skips in everyday (pigtails bobbing in the breeze) unfortunately some of the little ones in her class are still settling in and are upset leaving their parent. 

Has anyone else got little ones in school?

Oh well best go lob the hoover round because it isn't going to do it itself.

Dawn x