Sunday, 13 September 2015

Frugal Exercise

Hello folks,

I've decided to increase my walking as a way to keep fit and also a yoga session a week.  This is a nice cheap form of exercise.  I walk anything up to 4 miles a day currently (the school run) as I want to get toned and build my cardio to help my asthma.  I do however need to make a purchase, I need a pair of trainers as I don't own any.  I don't own any so had a look today as my three inch heels are beginning to kill me off lol, there are so many different types to choose from it's a minefield knowing where to start.

I've done yoga for about 4 years now, this is done at home with a DVD, it cost me £7 four years ago so I feel I've got my moneys worth.

I'm also trying to be healthier in my food choices too, but you know one thing at a time, I'm not about to lob all the chocolate out and live on lettuce that would be criminal, however I shall be increasing the healthy stuff and decreasing the unhealthy stuff.

Anyone recommend a good pair of trainers at a decent price please?