Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Keeping it within the budget

Well hello,

Today I have done a big shop Aldi,  I tend to spend £400 a month on all food, cleaning, toiletries, cat food and litter.  This is for 2 adults, 3 children and 3 cats.  I however do not shop monthly mainly due to lack of space to put a months worth of everything we need, instead I shop monthly for some items e.g. loo rolls, kitchen rolls, cat litter, toiletries and cleaning stuff.

Weekly I spend on food.  I try to buy enough to cover the whole week as I find top up shops end up meaning more than bread and milk, if I go shopping with J or the kids I can come out £20-40 worse off.  The cat litter I get from Home Bargains as it works out cheaper than anywhere else we go in the car to collect this along with toiletries and cleaning products (white vinegar is scarce round here recently).

I go through the cupboards, freezers, fridge (we're usually down to milk, margarine and an egg by this time lol) I make a list, everyone gets a say, we go shopping and follow the mantra of

'if it's not on the list it doesn't go in the trolley!'

I am list woman lol, at the moment I have the Christmas list, food shop list, small buy house list (cups, towels), house big to do list (decorating, memory foam mattress topper), the decluttering list (of what I need to tackle).
I slowly chip away at my lists to get the jobs done, however I am always adding things to the lists so there never totally completed lol.

Who love a list?