Saturday, 19 September 2015

The things that make you go mmmmmmmh

Well hello,

This week has been a busy one, what with medical appointments and school runs plus putting the finishing touches to my new bathroom (a separate blog about this with before and after pics after I've scrubbed it to death tomorrow). 

Today Princess and Peaches have started a theatre group, rehearsals take place every Saturday morning they loved it and got to go on stage to show their work to the others in the class.  From now on my Saturday mornings are no longer chilled they now involve a two bus trip across to the other side of town every week, oh well.

J has started his new job two weeks ago now (2 weeks of trainee rate of national minimal wage). We have taken a £4000 pay cut in the last year as it is, so my already inventive budgeting is being stretched at the minute.  I am hoping the bus passes will be sorted as it's either £7.50 a day in bus fares just to get my kids to school, or a 2 mile trek for them and a 4 mile trek for me which is shattering to say the least. 

I am despite the drop in money managing to keep it all together and still have paid all bills, we just have to wait longer for the non essentials at the moment.

My one must have purchase of a pair of comfy, waterproof shoes I have photograped to show you, £12 from Tesco, fabulous especially as I got soaked on Friday's school run and had a pond in each leaked shoe.  They may not be flashy and name brand but they are comfy and that's what matters.

Princess is at a sleepover tonight, it's all go here lol.

Hope you all have a great weekend!