Saturday, 3 October 2015

All aboard the coach

Hiya everyone,

Yesturday i didn't manage to post a blog as I was helping out on a school trip to Liverpool with my daughters class (Peaches), the day started off a foggy affair however when we got to Liverpool the sun shone.  An excellent day for taking photographs of the docks (sorry no photos here though as they are all on the school iPad).  We went to two museums as well,  we ran out of the time in the end and all climbed back on the bus back to school after 20 minutes in the gift shop and another 20 minutes whilst everyone went the loo.

Peaches was a happy little soul though because I was able to accompany her class, I was shattered last night sea air and tons of walking did for me lol.

This morning I shall be catching up on my Friday housework lol, I have started using my laundry liquid that I have made and so far it has worked really well.  I'm very impressed with it and shall blog the recipe for it.

Have fun