Sunday, 18 October 2015

All change

Well hello,

Due a phone call on Friday, this week coming will be a very busy one indeed.  I have so much going on now I need to be as organised as possible.  In order to free myself from as many household tasks as possible in the week I have re organised the order in which things will be done to ensure I get everything done as I will be shattered by each evening. 

Today I have been to church, followed by Aldi for a weeks big shop armed with a list of what we need to make the bulk of all meals for the week ahead.  This little lot came to £80 a mini shop during the week for milk, bread and fruit may be needed (J is off Wednesday so I may ask him to bob down to aldi for those).  I have planned my busy week on paper so I don't forget anything e.g Victorian day, school trip, music group, Brownies.  I have since come home and made a stew for tonight's tea, and we have a yummy cheesecake for pudding.  All clothes are out ready for tomorrow, showers have been had and I have done all my washing and cleaning.  At the moment I feel like I am wining.  I still have packed lunches to do for tomorrow.  I have been really busy this weekend and this week should flow well as long as I don't loose my plan lol.

Have fun