Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn days and warm comforts


Yesturday saw me tackling the washing pile all done now

Today I'm thinking will be a baking day, may just crack on with cupcakes today that are to be kept plain tonbe eaten in the coming weeks with custard for puddings.

The playroom bookcase has been tackled and looks much better now tidy, stories we had forgotten about have been found (new bedtime stories).  The kids have been entertaining themselves whilst I have been having a look at meal plan ideas.

Below is a photo of a dark October day in my dark kitchen (not the brightest photo) hot chocolate and bowls of homemade popcorn (cheaper and healthier than shop bought).  We seem to occupy our time filling it with low cost or free fun quite well these days.  Our car gets its 2 new tyres fitted this afternoon and will be useable again (not that I drive, because I don't, however I'm sure J is missing it).  Thank goodness he can get the bus to work (costs nothing), we are lucky where we live to be only ten minutes from the town centre and buses are every few minutes, supermarkets are 15 minutes walk away so we are by no means stranded.