Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Because Rome wasn't built in a day


Today I have taken the bull by the horns and decluttered another dumping ground hot spot.  The bottom of the wardrobe filled with all manner of bits of old work uniform (him) jeans from before she had three children (her) 6rolls of wrapping pile, tons of bedding, shoes and handbags (a weakness if I'm honest).  I do like handbags a bit too much they are great for altering a look and always fit.  I have got rid of some that I'm not sure why I was keeping however I did find some of my hippy bags which I love and can't let go off.  I have washed and stashed them lol J will never know haha!

Tomorrow I have another 6 full bags to go to the charity shop and clothing bank.  I feel happier and lighter for it and will not miss the items that are going they have served a purpose but are no longer needed in my life. 

Decluttering of the girls room (the Bermuda triangle) is done in small snippets everyday otherwise they would realise I am decluttering in there as well. (Needs must).  If the girls were aware of it they would vet every scrap of paper and every broken crayon, crying of its merits as a prize possession.  Three words sum it up Hoarders from Hell.

Who else loves a declutter?  Anyone else live with a hoarder?