Sunday, 25 October 2015

It's half term


Well last week went so quickly, as you know last Thursday I received my Teaching Assistant certificate and I got a phone call the day afterwards which meant I had a following busy week.  The phone call was offering me a supply teaching assistant position.  I have completed my first week now (first week on the pay roll in 9 years) I loved it.  This is the reason I have had to be super organised.  This now continues a little while longer, but for this week it is half term.  Once again we will be taking advantage of low cost or free fun, due to a few factors including the fact J is working most of the week, the car now needs three new tyres (expense we weren't anticipating) and I have a list of jobs as long as my arm to get through and try to get a head start on the coming weeks by making meals in advance for the freezer.

The list;

Washing pile started Friday night when home from school
Putting clothes away in wardrobe
Tidy up kids have done their rooms
Big clean through upstairs has been done
Change all beds and wash bedding
Big shop Ordered from Tesco delivered yesturday evening

To make;

24 chocolate topped Fairy cakes for the freezer
Large chocolate cupcakes for the freezer to have with custard as a pudding

2 portions of bolognaise (family size for the freezer)
2 portions of minced beef and onion (family size for the freezer)

I also have some more new stock items to make and list in my shop as my new beads have arrived this week. (happy dance)

Will I manage it all? Hopefully!

Happy half term

Dawn x