Sunday, 11 October 2015

Just when you feel you'll never make it, a glimmer of hope

Well hello,

Sorry I have been missing in action this week.  It has been a massively mad week and I've been trying to fit everything in.

We have had 2 harvest festivals at school for Peaches and Pixie,  they did really well with their words (proud mummy moment) Princess got student of the week at school last week and Peaches has been on the achievement board twice this week at school.
I have parents evening tomorrow but only for Princess as Peaches and Pixies teachers off school sick.

Regarding budgets and my original goal of paying off the mortgage, I have felt this to be unobtainable many times however this week I have had to renew my fix.  I have now been quoted lower payments so when I have had a good number crunch I may be in a position to overpay on my mortgage therefore knocking it down by 2 years.  I still need time and space to do the full number crunch on my budget as I now have final income figures that I can work with.

I am finally seeing a glimmer of light of hopefully being able to pay off my one and only debt sooner rather than later.  We live a simple life but that's what we are use too and we are happy with it.  We don't feel the need for added frillies in order to make our life complete.  I am however trying to find wriggle room in my budget for a few days away by the sea in summer (August is expensive).

Ah well best get cracking on everything I failed to get completed last week lol
Have fun