Saturday, 3 October 2015

Laundry liquid recipe

As promised here is my laundry liquid recipe;

You will need;

•Soda Crystals
•one bar of soap
•one large pan (i use a huge stock pan)
•boiling water
•large storage container with lid (my old nappy bucket being reused)
•a stirrer ( I use a wooden spoon)
•old laundry liquid bottle


•First grate your bar of soap

•Half fill your big pan with water and boil

•Add grated soap and stir until it is fully dissolved

•Pour mixture into your storage container

Add half a mug of soda Crystals

•Add half a cup of borax

•Still through

•Add more hot water to fill the bucket

•Give it another still

•Leave over night too cool

Then decant into your old laundry liquid bottle to fill half the bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with water, give it a good shake and use as normal.

Hey presto, laundry liquid for pennies as good as the leading brand!

I purchased soda Crystals and the bar of soap from Home Bargains (UK discount shop) and the borax I am unable to buy in the shops in the UK so I bought it off Amazon.