Monday, 26 October 2015

Pierce and ping


What one thing makes life easier for a busy mum is creating pierce and ping.  By this I mean making healthy, filling meals and puddings for your freezer. 

Firstly decide what meals you wish to make e.g. curry, chilli, bolognaise sauce, mince in onion gravy. 
Secondly write a list of everything you need to buy to be able to make these items.  These meals seem mince heavy but we tend to use a mix of beef or quorn, lamb, pork or Turkey mince could be used to ring the changes.

I chop all vegetables needed to make all the meals and make up the meals in my biggest pans.  I only ever cook 2 meals at a time so say a curry and a chilli on the stove together.  When cooked I cool in my porch (all food is cooled here away from cats) then I portion up, label and freeze them.  When needed I then take the required portions out of the freezer in the morning to defrost then  heat through when I get home.  It makes teatime easier.  It uses less time as I prepare all meals in one go, less fuel to cook as I only cook once and then reheat.

I also buy fresh vegetables e.g. bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and carrott shavings.  These are frozen and bagged to create stir fry mix (a nice quick easy tea with some brown rice).

Just a bit of planning and an afternoon free can see you with quite a few stress free dinners banked its cheaper and healthier than a takeaway when the idea of chopping and cooking just seem like to much of an effort after a busy day at work.

Anyone else batch cook for the freezer?  What do you make?