Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Plastic free school trip


Since there is now a charge for disposable plastic bags we no longer have carrier bag mountain.  We usually use big jute bags when we go shopping however these bags are too big for some uses.  We found a situation recently upon where we usually requested to bring a packed lunch in a disposable bag (for a school trip).   A big jute bag is too much and we don't have carrier bags, so what did we do?

I purchased three collapsible tote bags (pictured below) from poundland they cost me £1 each they fold down to nothing and can be placed in the child's coat pocket at the end of lunchtime.  I keep one in my handbag for when I go shopping to town.  Excellent for clothes shopping and library books and they take up less space than my cotton bags.  By keeping these in my bag I'm saving money and resources a great buy for £3.00.