Monday, 5 October 2015

What's for tea?


As you know I shop with a meal plan, Sunday I bought a beef roasting joint (haven't bought one in years due to cost and the fact they shrink) J fancied a change so we thought why not.  I got my roasting joint from Aldi it was a good size and cost £5.00.  I served it with roast potatoes, carrots, peas, Yorkshire pudding and gravy (being northern gravy is a must).  I was so surprised when the meat did not shrink.  I therefore had enough to feed all 5 of us and still have enough left over to make something else with (that's Monday nights tea).  I have also been gifted more apples they were absolutely delicious I made an apple crumble to go with custard (instant) this filled the yummiest up.

Monday nights tea will be shepherds pie made with last night's beef and veg and I have made a large fairy cake for pudding. (Photo below)

The cake making stuff I already had in and the topping is a large bar of white chocolate (melted) with chocolate stars.  I try to keep to a budget, whilst also ensuring everyone is full of healthy, nutritious food with the odd sweet treat of course. 

Today we have a dark gloomy day mainly consisting of rain, so after getting drenched on the school run for a second time today we'll all be glad of a nice hot yummy dinner.  Tomorrow J is off work and Peaches has her church service at school(harvest festival) which we are looking forward to seeing her in.

Have fun