Friday, 6 November 2015

Bonfire night


Last night saw us donning our big coats and wellies and heading to the bonfire at the local cricket club.  The event was very well attended despite the rain coming down side ways (I did think at one point we must be mad for being stood outside in the dark in that weather lol).  The parish hall lay on tuck shops and hot dog vans (good luck with getting to the front of the queue).

Instead I did a nice hot tea of hotdogs in buns with onions and ketchup served with chips (bonfire night food) we also took a bag of snacks with us.

It was wet, muddy and sliddy but so much fun the fireworks were great the prettiest I've ever seen.

Who else braved the rain for bonfire night?

Must dash and carry on getting things sorted before I go to work, its Friday big shop night so I need to do a list.