Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The ups and downs of life


I'm in the last week of my current supply work stint I don't feel like I've stopped in ages it's all go, go, go here.  At the weekend Princess was unwell, yesturday she was sent home from school due to feeling unwell.  Thankfully she's back to her usual self today.  When we collected the kids from school today Pixie seemed unhappy (out of character) she currently has a temperature and is sleepy (now asleep in n the sofa). She had the nasal flu vaccine at school yesturday so it may well be a reaction to that.  I'm hoping the temperature subsides soon.

I'm not sleeping at the moment and I'm completely shattered (side affect to my medication).  On a plus point  Peaches has gone up a stage in her reading books and been working well at school (very proud).

Hoping the bad bits pass us by soon