Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Hiya folks,

I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year, thanks for following my blog for another year and a thank you to anyone who has left comments, I love hearing from you.  I shall be back with more of my madness I mean journey in 2016.  Tonight we are off to celebrate with family. 

Dawn x

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New year and new plans

Well hello,

We are spending this new year at my mother in-laws with family and should be a nice relaxed affair.  Our new year plans so far consist of zilch (we usually go to McDonalds if I'm honest which is neither healthy nor thrifty but there you go, I don't pretend to be perfect.)

2016 sees me starting a new permanent job (I'm really looking forward to this).  I have a few things that I would steadily like to work through the coming year and I've already booked our summer week away (organised me lol), we off to explore somewhere new this year.  I am still continuing to save up for house projects (mainly decorating) and I also get to start overpaying on my mortgage this year (yay without it being unaffordable either).  I shall still continue to declutter and keep you updated on my progress.

Who else has made plans for 2016?

Dawn x

In with the new out with the old

Well hello,

As you all know I have been doing the whole decluttering before Christmas, the kids even went through their bedrooms and playroom cupboards and did a declutter getting rid of outgrown, broken toys and paper (my bugbear) that had outlived its life here.  All ready to house the new things they had asked Santa for (and hoped to get).  We all asked for items we needed or wanted that would be used and when received they have been swapped with worn out items, for example new slippers in place of old holey ones.  Lots of chocolates came our way too mmmmmmh, these will be consumed and enjoyed.  I also got some new books to read which I have already started.  My idea of heaven includes a cup of tea, chocolate and a good book.

Have you found new homes for everything yet?

Dawn x

Christmas festivities and fun

Well hello,

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.  We have been busy with all the Christmas festivities and parties (3 of them).  I feel truely exhausted but also happy and loved, we have had late nights, over excited children, ill children and lots of lovely gifts (Just need to find homes for everything).  We have loved spending time with our family all celebrating together.

On boxing day we had local flooding (this was scary to drive through) they shut the road as the water was too deep and of course the shops shut too.  Asda had a foot high tide mark on their wall as the river had burst its banks.  It was a little too close to home for me being within walking distance of my house.  Luckily were weren't personally affected by the floods but I do really feel for the people that have had their homes flooded.

How did you spend Christmas?  Anybody else had flooding local them?

Another storm is due to hit keep safe folks!

Dawn x

Sunday, 20 December 2015


Well hello there,

Hibernation going on here not because of it being cold or wet as it is unusually dry and mild for this time of year (no heating needed, unheard of in December).  It is down to us fighting the bugs we are being kind to ourselves today pottering about the house doing bits of jobs (me) when energy allows.  Were allowing our bodies to recover.  I have written the Christmas cards for my neighbours (to be posted tomorrow).  This afternoon me and the kids will be snuggling up to watch some films on TV this is as active at it gets today, J is at work (he's not ill).

The view from my window today below.

What you all up to this fine sunday?

Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas holidays


Today I have spent the morning fighting the washing pile and finding downstairs, the cats are sulking because I've washed their beds (nothing new there then). This afternoon consisted of being Santa's elves and making paper chains with the kids, whilst looking after a poorly Pixie who is currently powered by calpol.  She did find some energy to have a little go bless her.  Here are a few pictures of us crafting, a fun time was had by all.  When we finish them were going to put them on the Christmas tree.

Who else is Christmas crafting?

Dawn x

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Endings and beginnings

Well hello,

Today has been the end of school term, the kids are ready for a break poor Pixie has been burning up since we got home and is currently powered by ibruprofen and calpol to get rid of her temperature, aches and pains.  It has been my last day of my supply work, which I have loved and I will miss the kids that I have worked with.

I have had something fantastic happen today though, I have been offered a permanent position in school with a view to increasing hours as opportunity arises.  It is definitely a new chapter for me and I can't wait.  Right now I shall be looking after my poorly poppet whilst trying to get myself well again from my recent virus that I seem unable to shake, tackling the housework, washing and ironing pile and then cracking on with some Christmas fun with the kids.  We have as ever got plans to fill our time with things that are free or low cost despite the fact I get a months wage tomorrow eeeeek sqweeeeek excited.

Have fun

Monday, 14 December 2015

Nativity Scene

Well hello,

I've wanted a nativity scene for a few years now but never found the right one.  Today Pixie came home with this nativity scene she made and it is perfect.  It now takes pride of place under the tree.

It fits my Christmas decorations perfectly, most are made by myself and the children.

Have fun

Dawn x

Friday, 11 December 2015

Thank goodness it's Friday


And breathe out it's friday, an early finish for me 2pm however I only got home after 4 o'clock.  Freezing cold here and the bus didn't show up.   Ahh well heating on, spag bol for tea, Tesco big shop Ordered online, PJ's on and chill out.  Tonight on TV it will be EastEnders, Citizen Khan and Peter Kay's Car Share.  The only night of the week I get to relax.

Have a good weekend


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Poor Marilyn

Well hello there,

Today poor Marilyn has been for her operation she has been spayed, I'm hoping she heals well and quickly and that Maisie leaves her alone.


Birthday girl

Well hello,

Today is my birthday, I had my birthday meal at the weekend as both J and I have been working today.  I got some beautiful cards, some perfume, cash, voucher and chocolates.  My kids sang happy birthday to me this morning.  Work went really quickly and I'm still fighting this flaming virus.  Ah well kitten cuddles whilst watching Capital tonight, have to be good as it's a school night lol.

Who else is watching Capital?

Dawn x

Coping with stress at this time of year


Does anybody find themselves stressing at this time of year?

I do, I have a few things that I have found help me to reduce the stressful feelings.

I am currently living on lists (as ever lol) of things I need to complete each week.  Each Monday in my diary contains a post it note listing jobs to be completed that week.  These bite size chunks make it easier and more manageable.
I have ordered most of this Christmas online this year.  The few items I needed to get from town went on another post it note along with my shopping bags,  the shopping was finished in one trip yay!

I have turned off the TV, the constant ads flogging made materialism drive me insane, I don't want nor need them.  I do enjoy the odd program in the evening such as EastEnders, Capital and Car Share have all been fabulous recently.

As we get closer to Christmas the kids get more hyperactive so we try to keep them busy to avoid the extra madness.

I still have stuff to sort, under beds to cull, a big clean to do, gifts to wrap and cards to send but it is all on a post it note, scheduled this way I feel it is manageable.

What are your tried and tested tricks to stress free?

Dawn x

Banishing the winter blues

Hiya everyone,

I don't know about you but when it's cold and dark outside and the rain is coming down sideways I find it can often effect my mood.  This year I have taken steps to help banish the winter blues.

Here are a few things I have tried and found helped:

* Getting myself out and about a bit more during the limited daylight hours.  I often walk to work allowing me thinking space.

*  Small treats of hot chocolate to warm me up and add some more meat to my bones.  ( I need to put on more weight at the moment).

*  Warming soups and hearty meals make me feel nourished and cozy from within.

*  Snuggling up with a hot water bottle (and a made by me rainbow hot water bottle cover) with my fluffy dressing gown.

*  Reading a book takes my mind to a less cluttered place.  (Shops this time of year are full of noise and madness)

*  Being organised and shopping online means I buy only what I need and I can avoid the hype.

*  We have had a go at some crafts, the kids have made some baubles for the Christmas tree and I'm still beavering away at a massive crochet bed cover.

*  I also light scented candles on my hearth.  I've tried a few different ones now some better than others, I fancy trying the Yankee candles but haven't done so yet.

*  I love bubble baths this time of year too, lush bath bombs are a particular favourite of mine.

Do you get the winter time blues?  What do you find helps to overcome them?

Dawn x

The Coca Cola Wagon


Today the Coca Cola Wagon came to a local Supermarket as part of their tour.  The kids loved despite us queuing the rain with the rest of the local nutters all trying to get a snap and a free coke lol.  Some people even dressed up for the occasion as Santa's.

I'm spending the rest of the day on the sofa trying to shake off this virusy feeling I've currently got, I really know how to live me lol.

Dawn x

Saturday, 5 December 2015

I'm back


I'm back, I have had a hectic few weeks recently.  The usual run up to Christmas madness of shopping trips get gift for family, writing Christmas cards (most hated task) a clarinet concert (Peaches), parties at Brownies, school parties are next week plus I have been making and sending out orders for my online shop and I have had my supply work contract extended to over double the length it started out to be (I have enjoyed every minute of it if I'm honest).  We have a week and 4 days left until school finishes for Christmas holidays (eeek written down that doesn't seem very long at all).

Today we have been to a lovely pub for a birthday meal for me (we being J and the kids) it was a really nice relaxed place and certainly beats last year of a trip to the doctors with tonsillitis lol.  I have lots to do at home when I finish at school and I haven't got me Christmas decorations up yet.

The kitten (Marilyn) is going to the vet on Monday to be spayed (I'm not looking forward to this at all) especially as I have to keep her away from Maisie whilst she heals, other than all this life seems to be zooming by at a rate of knots.

A few pictures of the day below.

Have fun
Dawn x