Sunday, 6 December 2015

Banishing the winter blues

Hiya everyone,

I don't know about you but when it's cold and dark outside and the rain is coming down sideways I find it can often effect my mood.  This year I have taken steps to help banish the winter blues.

Here are a few things I have tried and found helped:

* Getting myself out and about a bit more during the limited daylight hours.  I often walk to work allowing me thinking space.

*  Small treats of hot chocolate to warm me up and add some more meat to my bones.  ( I need to put on more weight at the moment).

*  Warming soups and hearty meals make me feel nourished and cozy from within.

*  Snuggling up with a hot water bottle (and a made by me rainbow hot water bottle cover) with my fluffy dressing gown.

*  Reading a book takes my mind to a less cluttered place.  (Shops this time of year are full of noise and madness)

*  Being organised and shopping online means I buy only what I need and I can avoid the hype.

*  We have had a go at some crafts, the kids have made some baubles for the Christmas tree and I'm still beavering away at a massive crochet bed cover.

*  I also light scented candles on my hearth.  I've tried a few different ones now some better than others, I fancy trying the Yankee candles but haven't done so yet.

*  I love bubble baths this time of year too, lush bath bombs are a particular favourite of mine.

Do you get the winter time blues?  What do you find helps to overcome them?

Dawn x