Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas festivities and fun

Well hello,

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.  We have been busy with all the Christmas festivities and parties (3 of them).  I feel truely exhausted but also happy and loved, we have had late nights, over excited children, ill children and lots of lovely gifts (Just need to find homes for everything).  We have loved spending time with our family all celebrating together.

On boxing day we had local flooding (this was scary to drive through) they shut the road as the water was too deep and of course the shops shut too.  Asda had a foot high tide mark on their wall as the river had burst its banks.  It was a little too close to home for me being within walking distance of my house.  Luckily were weren't personally affected by the floods but I do really feel for the people that have had their homes flooded.

How did you spend Christmas?  Anybody else had flooding local them?

Another storm is due to hit keep safe folks!

Dawn x