Sunday, 6 December 2015

Coping with stress at this time of year


Does anybody find themselves stressing at this time of year?

I do, I have a few things that I have found help me to reduce the stressful feelings.

I am currently living on lists (as ever lol) of things I need to complete each week.  Each Monday in my diary contains a post it note listing jobs to be completed that week.  These bite size chunks make it easier and more manageable.
I have ordered most of this Christmas online this year.  The few items I needed to get from town went on another post it note along with my shopping bags,  the shopping was finished in one trip yay!

I have turned off the TV, the constant ads flogging made materialism drive me insane, I don't want nor need them.  I do enjoy the odd program in the evening such as EastEnders, Capital and Car Share have all been fabulous recently.

As we get closer to Christmas the kids get more hyperactive so we try to keep them busy to avoid the extra madness.

I still have stuff to sort, under beds to cull, a big clean to do, gifts to wrap and cards to send but it is all on a post it note, scheduled this way I feel it is manageable.

What are your tried and tested tricks to stress free?

Dawn x