Saturday, 5 December 2015

I'm back


I'm back, I have had a hectic few weeks recently.  The usual run up to Christmas madness of shopping trips get gift for family, writing Christmas cards (most hated task) a clarinet concert (Peaches), parties at Brownies, school parties are next week plus I have been making and sending out orders for my online shop and I have had my supply work contract extended to over double the length it started out to be (I have enjoyed every minute of it if I'm honest).  We have a week and 4 days left until school finishes for Christmas holidays (eeek written down that doesn't seem very long at all).

Today we have been to a lovely pub for a birthday meal for me (we being J and the kids) it was a really nice relaxed place and certainly beats last year of a trip to the doctors with tonsillitis lol.  I have lots to do at home when I finish at school and I haven't got me Christmas decorations up yet.

The kitten (Marilyn) is going to the vet on Monday to be spayed (I'm not looking forward to this at all) especially as I have to keep her away from Maisie whilst she heals, other than all this life seems to be zooming by at a rate of knots.

A few pictures of the day below.

Have fun
Dawn x