Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New year and new plans

Well hello,

We are spending this new year at my mother in-laws with family and should be a nice relaxed affair.  Our new year plans so far consist of zilch (we usually go to McDonalds if I'm honest which is neither healthy nor thrifty but there you go, I don't pretend to be perfect.)

2016 sees me starting a new permanent job (I'm really looking forward to this).  I have a few things that I would steadily like to work through the coming year and I've already booked our summer week away (organised me lol), we off to explore somewhere new this year.  I am still continuing to save up for house projects (mainly decorating) and I also get to start overpaying on my mortgage this year (yay without it being unaffordable either).  I shall still continue to declutter and keep you updated on my progress.

Who else has made plans for 2016?

Dawn x