Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Tackling the list

Well hello,

I've been continuing to declutter, remember my list from last times blog well I have been starting in a corner and having a power hour.  I've started in the kids bedrooms tidying up binning bits of junk and rehoming items to their correct places.  Only one item has been decluttered today an old bathroom cabinet, but I feel a weight has been lifted by making these little steps.

It's blowing a hooley today outside, windswept is definitely the word as we are battered by the tail end the of storm Jonas, the hatches are now battened down as we seem to have one storm after another at present.  I am really looking forward to spring peeping through as winter is getting a bit boring now.

Anybody else decluttering?


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Decluttering continues

Well hello,

Sorry I haven't been around much unfortunately we have had another week of the lurgy here, I really wish it would all end now we have all had it boo.  Anyway I'm more or less slowly getting back on track with my jobs to be tackled e.g. beds changed, washing done, work and school clothes ready for the morning etc.  I'm only doing it in little snatches due to still feeling weak but I'm getting there.

I have outlined my decluttering list of places to declutter in this house when I get a spare hour and some energy hahaha then I can tackle a hotspot.

The list;

Useful drawer
Cleaning cupboard
Carrier bag cupboard
Tupperwear cupboard
Pan\baking cupboard

Living room
Small drawers
Bookcase and drawers
Craft corner

Go through all cupboards

Charity pile run


Dd1 room

Kids room
Under beds

Our room
Bedside cabinets
Overhead storage

Today I have decluttered 16 books, 5 items of clothing and a bag of outgrown toys.  Each section of the above list will over the next few months be visited and decluttered and tidied.  Some areas are worse than others.  The bathroom is the easiest it contains very little and I like it kept this way.

How's everyone else's decluttering coming on?


Friday, 8 January 2016

When it doesn't go quite as planned

Well hello,

Sorry I haven't blogged this week, after being really good and doing my meal plan for the week I then went down with an illness with fever that lasted 4 days and by Wednesday turned out to be a bad case of tonsillitis, after a trip to the doctor's I'm now armed with all manor of painkillers and antibiotics and throat spray.  I have been unable to swallow or speak,  the antibiotic's are kicking in now and fixing those tonsils because I finally feel like a human being again and I can speak again (yay that bit has been the hardest, you don't realise what you are blessed with until its taken away from you).

I came downstairs this morning and there was a fair bit that needed sorting out (housework) so its on a list and will be tackled in clumps over the weekend.  The last time I spent best part of a full week in bed ill I was expecting Peaches (8 and half years ago) and had flu, I'm so glad it doesn't happen that often.

We have been in survival mode this week as I like to put it,  as long as everybody is fed, watered, clean and has clean clothes the rest will wait until I'm better.  My parents have been stars once again with their support, thanks it is much appreciated.

Everyone has little bolts out of the blue like this don't they, the joys of life but they always come at the wrong time.

A little positive came our way today my littlest, Pixie has been awarded a certificate at school for her reading, we are all really proud of her for doing so well. 

Right I'm hoping that's it for illnesses now surely I've had my lot now.

How has your week been


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Making use of what you already have (avoiding the supermarket)

Well hello,

As I write this I'm sat on the sofa with Gomez cat to my left and Maisie cat on my knee the kitten is racing about upstairs and the kids are sat on the floor colouring and writing stories.  As everyone is settled I thought I'd sit with a cup of tea and blog.

Today I am avoiding the Supermarket and trying to use up what I have in my cupboard, fridge and freezers.  I then have a freezer to defrost (what joy).  The Supermarket trip would mean having to walk there and back with three children in tow as buses are one an hour and J is working, normally I would take a stroll but I'm a bit achy today so this idea doesn't fill me with joy.

Today's meals from the stores are:

Breakfast Cereal and milk, yogurt and fruit

Lunch Cheese on toast with salad

Dinner Cornbeef hash and beans and sponge (from the freezer) and custard for pudding.

The cornbeef hash really is a hash as I'm running low on potatoes but have carrots that need eating so will do carrot and potato mash.

I will however have to do a shop on Monday for fresh stuff as there's not much left in the fridge and I'm really low on fruit (it goes quick in this house).

As of Tuesday the kids are back at school and I'm at work so today will mainly consist of housework and compiling a menu plan and shopping list and the kids finishing off any homework that needs to be completed.

Back to the old routine here.  Are you back to the old routine too?


Friday, 1 January 2016

Meet the cats; My beautiful boy

Well hello,

Today I thought I'd share with you a photo of my eldest cat.  This beautiful boy is Gomez, he was a right feral piece when we first got him 11 years ago. Gomez is a fantastic hunter he loves to go mousing at night and likes to lie in the middle of the living room floor ready to trip people up during the day.  In the summer he can be found following the sun around sleeping on the shed roofs at the back of our house.

Dawn x  

1st post of 2016

Well hello,

We had a nice night last night at the new years do.  I've put a photo of J and I below this was taken by the kids before we went out.  The kids all managed to stay awake till midnight (proper die hard these days lol).  We had our McDonald's (naughty but nice) and a dash to Home Bargains for cat litter and washing/cleaning bargains as en route (we know how to live it up here) it works out cheaper than the Supermarket and we buy in bulk here once a month.  The rest of the day consists of playing with toys (kids), a few jobs e.g. washing (me) and J is chilling his boots because he's feeling a bit naff.

Who else is chilling out today?

Dawn x