Sunday, 3 January 2016

Making use of what you already have (avoiding the supermarket)

Well hello,

As I write this I'm sat on the sofa with Gomez cat to my left and Maisie cat on my knee the kitten is racing about upstairs and the kids are sat on the floor colouring and writing stories.  As everyone is settled I thought I'd sit with a cup of tea and blog.

Today I am avoiding the Supermarket and trying to use up what I have in my cupboard, fridge and freezers.  I then have a freezer to defrost (what joy).  The Supermarket trip would mean having to walk there and back with three children in tow as buses are one an hour and J is working, normally I would take a stroll but I'm a bit achy today so this idea doesn't fill me with joy.

Today's meals from the stores are:

Breakfast Cereal and milk, yogurt and fruit

Lunch Cheese on toast with salad

Dinner Cornbeef hash and beans and sponge (from the freezer) and custard for pudding.

The cornbeef hash really is a hash as I'm running low on potatoes but have carrots that need eating so will do carrot and potato mash.

I will however have to do a shop on Monday for fresh stuff as there's not much left in the fridge and I'm really low on fruit (it goes quick in this house).

As of Tuesday the kids are back at school and I'm at work so today will mainly consist of housework and compiling a menu plan and shopping list and the kids finishing off any homework that needs to be completed.

Back to the old routine here.  Are you back to the old routine too?